An off-shore/overseas pharmacy is a virtual drugstore where you can order medicines you need. The medications that can be found is an off-shore pharmacy include diabetic medications, cholesterol controllers, pain medication as well as plenty of others.

There are two good reasons that induce consumers to order their medication online. The main reason is the lower prices medicines are sold online compared to normal community pharmacies. The second main reason is anonymity.

Prescribed medicines as well as controlled substances can be generally found in online pharmacies. While many internet pharmacies sell drugs only with a prescription, others do not. Depending on the medicine and the country prescriptions might not be required for the given medicine. Still, there are internet pharmacies which offer medications without a prescription or a physician review. Doctors being the only ones capable of assessing contraindications, you might be exposed to different risky health conditions. Pharmacies offering medications without a prescription or doctor review often prove to be fraudulent.

In fact, there have been reports in the past of websites that sell fake or expired medication which can in some cases be deadly.

Investigations conducted in the past have shown that several banned substances like EPO can be obtained easily. Importing such medicines is illegal.

offshorepharmacies Before purchasing any medication in an online pharmacy you must take into consideration potential legality problems. To really know how, what and how much you can buy you must research your home country`s legislation.  If you are a U.S. resident and you purchase controlled substances then you have already violated two federal laws which can carry hard penalties. Still, besides the general laws, there are laws implemented by individual U.S. states meant to regulate importation, possession and trafficking of prescription drugs.

In case you are in possess of a valid prescription there are still some restrictions. Controlled substances can be mailed to you only if the pharmacy is Canadian. Otherwise you will have to bring the medications back in person. Moreover, the quantity of the prescription drug must not exceed a 90-day supply.

While some online pharmacies operate within the law and some are fraudulent there are other off-shore pharmacies known to sell many unauthorized products. This is the case of many Mexican pharmacies or other off-shore pharmacies claiming to offer alternative cures to serious diseases such as cancer. Research conducted on such “alternative“ cures has proved that they might be dangerous and often deadly.

It should be clear that purchasing medications from online pharmacies has its advantages and disadvantages. While time-saving and anonymity are the main pros of purchasing products from online pharmacies, being scammed and offered inefficient, sometimes life-costing alternative cures are its principal cons. To avoid getting into trouble it is advisable to get informed about the pharmacy you are trying to purchase your products from and about the legal restrictions that apply to the medicine you want to buy.

If you know someone who has already purchased medications online ask him/her for advice. If not, it is always preferable to go for reputable companies.